First things first

Before I get transparent with you, I feel like I should put a little  bit more of a disclaimer out there. This is just an idea of topics you are likely to see me cover.

I’m going to talk about Jesus. A LOT. I love him, and I can’t do anything without him. If this offends you, this is probably not something you want to follow.

I’m also going to talk about sex. Probably not as much as I talk about Jesus, but I will give you some insights into what it’s like to be a single christian woman who is no longer a virgin. The struggle is real and I won’t hide it from you. I want this to be a place of understanding for other women in the same situation. If you can’t jive with that, you don’t want to follow this blog.

I’m going to talk about emotions, and it’s going to get raw. I have to honor the things I feel, or they will return with a vengeance. No bottling anything up around here. It’s all coming out honestly, but with integrity.

Now please understand, this isn’t about airing dirty laundry. I won’t be doing any mudslinging here or harming anyone with my words. I don’t believe in that. What I do believe is that there are women out there who are like me. We are looking for answers about how to live in a way that honors God in all areas of life, and a lot of resources out there either sugar coat real life issues, or avoid them all together. I’ve taken it upon myself to step into this abyss and offer up my experiences in the hopes that they help someone else like me. Maybe in the process, a dialogue will be created and women will find hope and healing.



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