Hearts and Roses

I went on an adventure recently. I took a hike with a couple of my friends. We went down a trail toward a waterfall, but nothing in the landscape suggested that water was nearby. We walked through a field that was filled with stones and cactuses. Early on in our journey, we noticed that one cactus had a familiar shape. It looked like a heart.

At first, it was a novelty. I thought we were lucky to spot that one cactus in a million that would look like a heart. I was mistaken.

As we moved along the trail we seemed to be noticing hearts everywhere. We eventually realized that it was rare not to see heart shaped cactus.

Something else caught my eye that day. Amid all the various stones, I began to see pebbles of rose quartz. There was a recurring theme happening all around me that made me blush. I was completely surrounded by hearts and roses. 20170225_164818.jpg

I came to a beatiful understanding that day. Not everything is as it seems. Where some see rocks and cactus, I see love. I wondered if this is what God sees when he looks at me.

I like to think I’m tough. I can put up a front and act like nothing phases me, and I can resign myself to a stony disposition. The reality is that even in the thorny exterior, I still have a heart, and God cherishes that heart.

My life and my circumstances look like a desert more often than not. I’m trudging through the aarid places and searching for water that can not be seen.

It’s in this place that I must remind myself that there is water all around me. It’s in the cactus! It’s the Living water that was offered to me by my Jesus. It’s in the hearts of everyone around me that knows Him. It’s in me.

So if I’m the cactus, what is the stone? The stone is the promise I was given before I was even born. It’s the promise that my Jesus will ALWAYS love me. That he will NEVER leave me or turn His back on me.

That stone is unchanging. It will not be moved, and it can not be erased. Even if it’s crushed, it will always remain.

Are you walking through the desert? Do you see dirt, and dried grass, and stones all around you? Don’t despair sister! There is water for you here, and plenty of stones to rest on.

Remember His promises to you. Keep following the path laid before you. You will find that waterfall someday, just keep moving forward and don’t give up. Even the most vast desert has a beginning and an end. Afterall, the only thing that remains forever is the One who can see us out of this place.

Keep walking girl! You’re gonna get there.


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