Second Rate

When I was in high school, I only dated one person. It wasn't very serious, and it didn't last long at all. When the boy broke up with me, it was through e-mail and he told me the only reason he was breaking up with me was so that he could date another girl. To … Continue reading Second Rate



There is a word that circulates within the evangelical community. For the speaker, it evokes a sense of power and authority. For the listeners, it instills fear and much trembling. Rebuke Okay, maybe I'm playing this up a little bit too much, but I am dramatic and excitable. What can you expect? I've heard this … Continue reading um…..what?


I tend to have a diverse emotional existence. I'm very expressive in nature and whatever it is that I am feeling will show in my demeanor. This disposition can be unsettling for some, and downright troubling for others to experience. I've learned that just like everything else in life, my passions are governed by the … Continue reading Gray


To my seven year old self, I'm sorry. We didn't make it. We're still alive, but I hate to tell you that we turned out to be a loser. We're inching ever closer to thirty, and according to the world's standards we have nothing to show for it. I'm so sorry. My heart breaks for … Continue reading Loser


I've been feeling a lot like Jonah at the end of his story lately. He delivered a message of wrath and destruction to a city, and told them to shape up 'or else.' After he delivered the message, the people did the right thing and turned from their wickedness. They received forgiveness from God, and … Continue reading Mercy


I had the pleasure of having a long uninterrupted conversation with one of my favorite people last night. Unfortunately for her, this started as a massive venting session on my part. I had a lot of things that had been building up all week that were irritating me, and all I wanted to do was … Continue reading Gospel