I’ve been feeling a lot like Jonah at the end of his story lately.

He delivered a message of wrath and destruction to a city, and told them to shape up ‘or else.’ After he delivered the message, the people did the right thing and turned from their wickedness. They received forgiveness from God, and immediately experienced His mercy. God didn’t have any need to torch the place anymore.

Jonah wasn’t satisfied. In fact, he climbed to a vantage point and watched and waited to see God unleash fury on the city.

It’s so absurd, but this is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I’ve been witness to a lot of injustices, and I’m sitting back waiting for God to rain down fire and brimstone on those who have wronged me. I want to see it all go up in flames. I want vengeance.

I am so petty! I am so human.

I have to take this moment and say thank you Jesus, because He doesn’t work that way. He is a just God, but He is also very rich in mercy.

The truth is that I don’t deserve that mercy. Nobody does. While I’m sitting here wishing I could witness His justice, I’m reminded that He has already carried it out. Jesus took the blunt force trauma that was intended for me. I got off clean with a whole lot of mercy. It’s completely undeserved.

It’s in this moment that I am reminded of who God really is. He is irrationally beautiful. He is far greater than anything I could ever hope to comprehend. He is a mystery beyond recognition.

I pray that in this moment, I can revel in His wonder. I pray that I never forget how much grace has been lavished on me for all of my failures. I pray that I can be more merciful in response to Him.

I discovered this beautiful song today that shifted my focus to Him. I hope you enjoy!




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