Socially Unacceptable

I have reached an age now where it is socially unacceptable to be in my situation. At the ripe age of 30, it is not okay to be childless or single. It is also not ok to not have an advanced degree or a flourishing career to blame for it. I cringe everytime I have … Continue reading Socially Unacceptable



A couple days ago I went to watch the sunset on the beach with some friends. The surf was way too rough to get in the water, but it made for some great spectating as there were plenty of guys out on their boards catching the waves. I couldn't help but to see yet another … Continue reading Surf


It takes a certain measure of faith to stand atop a mountain and know of its absolute existence. From the peak, it is impossible to perceive its height or its breadth or its depth. You can't see its outline or its features. What you can see is the horizon, the valleys below, and all the … Continue reading Peak