Game Time

There’s a game that God likes to play with me every so often. He usually initiates a new round when I start obsessing and freaking out about something major going on in my life. That something major is always something that He has orchestrated, so I really have no reason to panic.

This game is a fun trip down memory lane. I like to call it ‘remember when…’. Here’s how it works. I’m usually in the shower dramatically weeping and crying out to Him about the impending doom that I’m convinced is happening. Then there’s a whisper. It’s Him, and this is what He says.

“Remember when you cried all night, begging me for a new place to live? Remember how exactly a week later you got that new place, and a new job to go with it? I had a lot of fun putting that together for you.”

“Oh, and do you also remember that time that your car broke down and you had no way of fixing it or buying a new one? I loved the look on your face when you had a jeep handed to you a few weeks later. I love giving you what you need.”

“Hey, what about that time you asked me to heal your ankle so you could avoid another surgery and I did! Wasn’t that amazing? I totally blew your mind on that one!”

On and on He goes, recounting every miracle He has worked in my life. He details every moment that I just knew I was in over my head, but He came through for me anyway. Then He starts pointing to the miracles He worked in scripture.

“Remember when I parted the Red Sea? Man, the children of Israel had NO IDEA what I had up my sleeve that day!”

“Remember when I brought Lazarus back to life? His sisters were so happy!”

“Remember that time that I broke Paul and Silas out of prison? They thought they were goners.”

He shows me over and over again how faithful He is. He reminds me of what He’s capable of, and just like that my fears are calmed.

He’s playing that game with me right now. I’m taking the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever done. I’m leaving everyone I know, everything I know, and moving over five thousand miles to a place I thought I would never go back to. A place I used to hate. A place that absolutely terrifies me to the core.

I have no idea what lies ahead of me. I only have Him, and a lot of stories to tell that remind me of where he’s brought me from. One day, this will be another story to add to the list, but right now I need Him to remind me of what came before. I need Him to calm me with another story.

I need to play the game.


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