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Nothing is more annoying than being around a bride. You love her,  you are genuinely excited for her. You just can’t stand to be near her because her life is consumed with one thing, and one thing only. The wedding.

From the millisecond that her boyfriend gets on one knee to propose, she transforms into an obsessed creature. Everything in life comes to a screeching halt, and wedding planning begins. In the worst cases, she becomes the ruthless bridezilla. She will eat you for breakfast and spit you back out just for hinting at a different napkin color. She is neurotic and obsessive, and it really freaks people out.

Amazingly, despite all of her desperate and distressing behavior, her groom still chooses to marry her in the end. Well, at least most of the time. He chooses to look beyond her temporal mental insanity, and love her in spite of it. Even though she is borderline psychotic, he chooses to love the woman that he proposed to. He believes that she is worth a lifetime of love and care regardless of her faults.

The church is the bride, and her groom is Jesus. She is neurotic, and wound up, and emotional. She has very obvious and glaring flaws, and yes, she too is a bridezilla at times.

She does not intend to hurt anyone in her bustle to prepare for her wedding, but she steps on toes from time to time as she attempts to place everything in order. She wants to be beautiful for her groom, and she wants their special day to be the best day of their lives.

Grant her some grace. She has the best intentions at heart, and her groom still loves her despite the messes she makes. He knows she is not perfect, and he chooses to love her regardless. We all should follow his lead and let the bride prepare. This wedding will be unforgettable when the time comes.



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