I have a laundry bag that has a saying on it. It says “it all comes out in the wash.” The author of that quote must have been a man, because they forgot one thing. Blood stains. It can be rinsed, things can be treated and washed, but it always stains. Women have the deepest knowledge of this. We are subjected to blood for the majority of our lives. It stains our things and we are always reminded that it is Eve’s curse that has brought this to us.

I believe that Eve was entrusted, and not cursed. She was the first to carry the knowledge that in order to have life, there must first be blood.

When God made Adam, he didn’t receive life until God breathed into him. When God made Eve, she received life when Adam’s rib was placed inside her. Have you ever paused the story right there and wondered why it was a rib? Why this body part instead of something else? And why didn’t God just breathe into her like He did with Adam?

Because in order to have life, there must first be blood.

Perhaps God chose to place a bone because bones are where the blood is made. The answer is simple enough. But then you may ask why God is so fixated on blood. Here is my understanding.

All of creation is a by product of the breath of God. He spoke all things into existence. This requires breath. Adam received life as God breathed into him. Eve received life from a bone. Where’s the breath? In the blood.

Blood is responsible for carrying oxygen to the body. The breath of God was in the bones of Adam, producing blood to carry it throughout the rest of his body. The breath of God was placed in Eve, contained by bone and blood.

The payment of sin requires blood. We must return the breath of God back to Him to atone for our transgressions. When we sin, we take life and consequently loose life.

Jesus understood this. Jesus also understood that blood will stain. It is the carrier of the very breath of God. Of course it stains. Even if we wash something clean, and can’t see it with the naked eye, there will always be a stain.

Maybe there was something to my laundry bag after all. When we are washed in the blood of Jesus, EVERYTHING comes out. All the sin. All the mistakes. All the indiscretions. We are forever marked and stained with this new life. This new breath of God that will never be taken from us.

That’s a stain I will wear proudly.



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