About Me

I was raised to know and follow Jesus. For most of my adult life, I rejected Him and ran as far away from Him as I could. A little over a year ago, I stopped running and turned around to face Him. It’s the most profound decision I have ever made.

I am a thirty year old woman who loves Jesus. I have devoted my life to chasing after him; following his teachings is the only thing that gives my life meaning.

I have spent this past year of my life trying to understand exactly what his teachings mean for me in the twenty first century. I am divorced, I am a woman, and I feel that I have a long way to go in understanding what role I play in advancing the kingdom of heaven.

Every day I contemplate contemporary issues, such as sex and sexuality, gender issues within and outside of the church, marriage and its implications for women within the church, and equality in the eyes of God.

This blog is a means for me to untangle the mysteries that surround the heritage that women of God have inherited unknowingly. I seek to encourage women in exploring exactly who they are and what they are capable of by sacrificing slices of my own existence. Here, you will find my triumphs as well as my failures. I am giving an unfiltered view into my reality. I hope you are at once encouraged and inspired to chase after Jesus with all the passion that is in you, and leave a burning trail in your wake for the generations to follow.

This Is Real.