I have a laundry bag that has a saying on it. It says "it all comes out in the wash." The author of that quote must have been a man, because they forgot one thing. Blood stains. It can be rinsed, things can be treated and washed, but it always stains. Women have the deepest … Continue reading Stained


Jazz and Jesus

I love jazz. Nothing relaxes me more on a lazy, rainy morning than a hot cup of coffee and some Miles Davis. His blue notes make me want to wrap myself in a warm, fuzzy blanket and sink into the couch while I watch the clouds roll by. The thing about jazz, is it breaks … Continue reading Jazz and Jesus


Is it ever possible to be too honest? I'm thinking probably. If you were to see a transcript of my most recent prayers, you would say the same thing. Don't believe me? Here's a sample of my 'too honest' prayer from this morning. It's taken directly from the pages of my journal. "I love you, … Continue reading honest

not yet

Nothing is more annoying than being around a bride. You love her, ¬†you are genuinely excited for her. You just can't stand to be near her because her life is consumed with one thing, and one thing only. The wedding. From the millisecond that her boyfriend gets on one knee to propose, she transforms into … Continue reading not yet


In Hawaii, there is a phrase that everyone loves. Pau Hana. It means the workday is done, it's time to relax and hang out with family and friends. Pau hana is even better on Fridays because you have the whole weekend to look forward to. I love the idea of pau hana. It marks the … Continue reading Done


I've said it before, words have power. They can be the difference between the best day of your life and the most devastating moment you've ever experienced. It stands to reason then, that the absence of words will carry the same weight. Don't believe me? Try sitting in the same room as someone that's purposely … Continue reading Speak


You've just finished eating, and your belly is full. Then it strikes. Your nemesis, the sweet tooth, has arrived. You try to ignore it, but the cravings get stronger. You know that just inside of the cupboard there is a stash of your favorite cookies. Now you're in a battle of the will. You try … Continue reading Flesh