I tend to have a diverse emotional existence. I'm very expressive in nature and whatever it is that I am feeling will show in my demeanor. This disposition can be unsettling for some, and downright troubling for others to experience. I've learned that just like everything else in life, my passions are governed by the … Continue reading Gray


There are few things I love more than learning. There's a deliciously simple pleasure in getting those light bulb moments when a new understanding illuminates your mind. Equally amazing is the opportunity to see those moments happen for others. I had the privilege of teaching a Bible study to some youth tonight. I was absolutely … Continue reading Spark


Twenty days. That's how long I have until I'm legally a free woman. I never wanted my life to end up in this place. I never thought the word 'divorced' would apply to me, yet here I am. I'm staring down the this new reality as if I'm looking into the barrel of a loaded … Continue reading T-20


I have a bad habit of going grocery shopping while I'm hungry. Everything in the store is enticing, and an overabundance of food lands in my shopping cart. When I arrive home to put everything away, I mentally plan out when I will eat this, or how I will prepare that. My imagination runs away with … Continue reading Hungry